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:bulletred: DO NOT SUBMIT TO 'FEATURED'. Any other submissions will be declined.

:bulletred: The theme of this group is storytelling. Therefore, we will ONLY accept art which expresses a concept, idea, story, scenario, etc. No character sheets, no manipulations, no lineart, no stand-alone portrait shots, nothing that does not in some way tell a story or illustrate a concept/idea/sentiment. It is generally preferred that, if it's not self evident, the concept be described in the artist comments. No mature content will be accepted.

:bulletred: Sketches are acceptable. However, we do not encourage half-finished pieces, stick drawings or five minute doodles done in Paint. Bases are not permitted as we believe that the storytelling capacity using base art is limited.

:bulletred: Stories which are entirely text are not accepted. This group is dedicated to visual appreciation. All comics and illustrated short stories are welcome.

:bulletred: This group is dedicated to the entire Lion King universe, which includes canon and semi-canon characters. Original characters fitting into this universe (Nala's dad and other family tree members) are acceptable within canon-context. Entire new prides, or original characters by themselves, are not.

:bulletred: Please submit art to the correct folder. If unsure, leave a note asking. Art submitted to incorrect folders will be declined. All declined art will be accompanied by an explanation - so feel free to rectify the problem and resubmit.

:bulletred: A note on comics -
If it's led by an OC character or characters, with no/minor/occasional interactions with semi-canons or canons, that is not acceptable. If it is OC characters, or starts with an OC character, but is gearing towards a mostly canon or semi-canon cast within a few pages, and will actually ultimately be led by a semi-canon or canon, it's acceptable.

In short: canon or semi-canon with OC support is fine, but OC with canon or semi-canon support is not fine. Canon/semi must be the focus.




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the story of the Lion king. part 1
Once upon a time, a long time ago there was a lion named Ahadi. He was born on a forgotten edge of Africa. There his family was selfish, and they fought for their food. They were always thinking it was every lion for himself. But Ahadi was never like that. When Ahadi grew up, he left his pride without them knowing. He went on a trip to find a new home where animals were more nice than what he had in his old territory. On the way, he met a beautiful, dark brown lioness named Uru. Ahadi starting falling in love with Uru and Uru fell in love with Ahadi too. soon they came to a big open land. It was free so Ahadi and Uru claimed it. They found a huge rock with a den perfect for a pride of lions. They made it their den. Soon the 2 lions found a group of lioness wandering into their land. Ahadi went up to the group and greeted them instead of attacking. They introduced each other and Ahadi let them be part of the new pride. soon Uru was pregnant with a cub. The animals gathered around in exitment for their king's and queen's new cub. Ahadi asked a young baboon named Rafikki who he had met when first finding the land, to show  the whole land their new cub. After that, Ahadi announced that he would name this land the pride lands. They named their young cub Mufasa. A year later, Uru had another cub. she named him Taka. but this lion cub was born different. He had a scar on his left eye. His parents did not mind though. They loved their cubs and pride very much. As a growing cub, Taka was bullied alot. They always called him scar and laughed. The only ones who didn't laugh was his brother, Mufasa, and a female cub named Zira. She seemed to like him alot. One day Ahadi had a talk with mufasa about the circle of life and said that he would be king. Scar overheard in shock and ran off into a dark place called the elephant graveyard. He met some hyenas named Shenzi, Bonzi, and edd. They took him in. Zazu, Ahadi's trusted assistant, saw what happened and told Uru and Ahadi immidiatly. Ahadi attacked the hyenas thinking they would hurt Scar. As Scar and Mufasa grew up they got into a lot of fights and argument. Scar became more and more jelous of his brother. On the day of Mufasa's corination of both him and his new son, Simba, Scar stayed in the den. He still plans of  a way to take him down.

Hope you like it. (even if its not real story)
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PixieHobbit Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for accepting me into this group! :D 
Seri-goyle Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013
[link] petition for release of Disney Afternoon shows.

In case there are any Adventures of Timon and Pumbaa fans here. :)
Flameshadow117 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No idea where to submit my comic. The bulk of the story is Muffy and Taka as cubs, but it's framed with elderly Sarabi telling the story to Kopa and his nephew post TLKII, and there will be interjections from them periodically. So, post, or pre folder? O.o
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